Nanosys expects to show working emissive QD-LED displays by the end of 2019

HDTVTest posted an interesting interview with Cadmium-Free QD developer Nanosys CEO and president Jason Hartlove. In this long interview Jason discusses the company's technology and recent achievements.

Jason reveals that the company is working on emissive Quantum Dots displays - and he expects to have a full-color monitor-size QLED display prototype ready by the end of 2019. Jason says that they hope to show these display prototypes in private demos at CES 2020.

Jason also explains the advantages of QD-OLED displays. For RGB emissive displays such as OLEDs, each color ages differently, which Jason says results in burn-in. Using only blue subpixels and converting these to full-color using quantum-dots, the burn-in is much less severe. This however depends on the image shown (for example showing only a red-only image will degrade only the blue material under that subpixel) - and of course the whole lifetime suffers as the whole display is based on short-lived blue emitters.

For Micro-LED displays, Jason also says that producing an RGB Micro-LED has many challenges because each color micro-LED chip is different (different color chips need different voltages, and drive currents - and the mechanical placement is much more difficult). Again, using single-color (blue) Micro-LED chips and color-converting them using QDs makes a lot of sense for such displays - with easier manufacturing, longer lifetime, less differential aging (burn-in) and a wider color gamut.

Posted: Jan 15,2019 by Ron Mertens