A YouTube technology reviewer Bon Wulff has performed a five-months long test of its Nintendo Switch OLED console, trying to estimate the burn-in problem in the device's AMOLED display. He used a static image, running it for hours, checking for any visible burn-in issues.

It turns out that it took 3,600 hours of nonstop projection of the single image for the AMOLED to exhibit any visible burn-in problems. This is an extreme test, which is a great testament to the durability of modern AMOLED displays, and a great reassurance to all the consumers who are worried about OLED display burn-in.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a 7-inch 1280x720 AMOLED display, produced by Samsung Display. The Nintendo Switch OLED model is now shipping for $349.99.



No one would use panel like

No one would use panel like this.

Instead of static image, rolling picture test is more represent for real use condition. 

That's true, but a static

That's true, but a static image should be worse for burn-in, so this is an accelerated test...

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