OLED technology is starting to appear in laptop computers - as OLEDs offer better images and a thinner profile - while consuming less energy than an LCD display.

HP Spectre x360 15 OLED

HP's 2019 Spectre x360 15 is a high-end laptop that features an Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. The top of the line variant has a 15.6" 3840x2160 OLED display.

HP Spectre x360 15 photo

HP did not yet reveal the price of the OLED variant - but the company aims to ship it by March 2019.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro is a high-end laptop that features an OLED Touch Bar instead of the traditional function keys (starting in the 2016 model). The display is either 13" or 15" (LCD on both) and the CPU is either a dual-core i5 or quad-core i7.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 photo

The OLED strip is supported by most of Apple's applications and can show commonly used emojis in messaging applications, bookmarks while you browse and other context-activated options. It also includes a Touch ID sensor that is activated for example when you wish to pay online (on supported web stores). Apple released an API to developers can support the Touch Bar in third-party applications.

Lenovo Yoga C730

Lenovo's Yoga C730 is a convertible notebook that sports a 15.6" 3840x2160 touch AMOLED display. Features include an 8th-gen Core i7 CPU, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 512GB of SSD storage and high end audio.

Lenovo Yoga C730 photo

Lenovo plans to start shipping the C730 in April 2019, starting at $1,650.

Alienware 2018 13 OLED

Alienware 2018 13 laptop sports a 13" display, which can be either an LCD or an OLED. Alienware says that this is the world's first VR-capable 13" laptop, and it is based on Core-H CPU 7th-generation and GTX 10-series GPUs.

Alienware 2018 13 OLED photo

Alienware did not yet disclose the price or release date of the 2018 13" OLED laptop.

Lenovo X1 Yoga 2017

Lenovo's X1 Yoga 2017 edition is an update to the 2016 edition with stronger processing power, double the storage capacity and a lighter and thinner body. This hybrid tablet / laptop has a 14" 2560 x 1440 display - either an LCD or an OLED.

Lenovo X1 Yoga 2017 photo

The X1 Yoga 2017 is now shipping. The OLED version with a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and an intel Core i7 CPU costs $2349.

Alienware 13 R3 OLED 2017

Alienware's 13 R3 2017 is the company's smallest gaming notebook Windows 10 laptop - and an update to its 2016 R2 model, with updated CPUs, improved graphics processing capabilities (including an optional VR-Ready GPU) and a redesigned chassis. The high-end version comes with 2560x1440 400-nits touch OLED display.

Alienware 13 R3 OLED 2017 photo

The 13 R3 2017 laptop will ship towards the end of January 2017.

Alienware OLED 13 gaming laptop

Alienware's latest gaming laptop, the Alienware OLED 13 R2, uses a 13" 2560x1440 AMOLED display. This laptop is similar to the LCD Alienware 13 R2, just with an OLED instead of the LCD (which has a higher 3200x1800 resolution) and an updated Intel Skylake CPU.

OLED Alienware 13 photo

The Alienware OLED 13 laptop will ship in April 2015 starting at $1,499. The LCD 13 R2 starts at $1,068. This means that the OLED premium is about $450 - but then again it may also have higher specs, so it is difficult to compare. Alienware themselves says that the OLED model will cost exactly the same as the LCD model.

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