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OLED devices use organic semiconductors to create beautiful, flexible and efficient display panels.

Recent OLED News

Notion Systems starts building a new headquarters as demand for its printing systems is on the rise

Inkjet printing developer Notion Systems is building a new company headquarters in Schwetzingen, Germany, with a new production plant. The company recently held a groundbreaking ceremony of the new building which will have 3,600 m² of floor space.

Notion Systems is growing at a rate of 20% per year, and these new premises are needed to cope with its increasing number of orders. The company estimates that 18% of its revenue in coming years will be generated from the display industry, for which the company offers machines for inkjet printing of OLEDs, QDs, and more.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 22,2023

Samsung launches a website that tells you whether your smartphone has an OLED made by SDC

Samsung Display launched a new web site, called OLED Finder, in which you can choose your phone model to see whether it uses an OLED produced by Samsung Display.

This is a marketing play by SDC, that aims to establish the superiority of Samsung's own OLED panels, over competing panels made by LGD, BOE, Visionox, etc. The website does not include all phones though that use OLED displays - for example it does not include any of Apple's iPhones. 

Read the full story Posted: Mar 19,2023

Rtings.com burn-in tests show Samsung's QD-OLEDs suffer from worse burn-in compared to LG's WOLEDs

Review web site Rtings.com has performed an extensive accelerated longevity test for over three months, testing the latest QD-OLED and WOLED TVs.y 

Sony A95K photo

Rtings reports that both QD-OLED displays (Samsung S95B OLED and the Sony A95K) showed signs of image retention, and it seems in general that the QD-OLED displays suffer from worse problems compared to LG's WOLED. Some of Sony's WOLED TVs also showed signs of image retention.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 18,2023

Japan lifts its ban on the sale of several high-purity materials to South Korea

In 2019, following tensions between Japan and Korea, Japan's government decided to restrict some material exports to South Korea, including fluorinated polyimide, resist and high-purity hydrogen fluoride, materials required for OLED production.

The relations between the two countries are warming up now, and a few days ago the Japanese government decided to lift those restrictions, and the sale of these materials to Korean companies are now possible.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 17,2023

New OLED gadget: Samsung Galaxy A54

The Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone offers a 6.4" 120Hz 1000 nits 1080x2340 Super AMOLED display, an Exynos 1380 chipset, 6/8 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB of storage, a microSDXC cad slot and a triple camera setup.

The A54 will ship by the end of March 2023, starting at around $520.

Read the full story Posted: Mar 17,2023

Researchers develop efficient and bright polariton-based OLED devices

Researchers at the University of St Andrews and the University of Cologne developed a polariton-based OLED device that offers angle-independent narrowband emission.

Polariton-Exciton quasiparticles are created when an OLED material is inserted into a high-quality microcavity. The researchers explain that by sandwiching the OLED device between two "mirrors", strong coupling and hybridization of light and matter can occur. This leads to the creation of the polariton particles. 

Read the full story Posted: Mar 17,2023