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OLED devices use organic semiconductors to create beautiful, flexible and efficient display panels.

Recent OLED News

Notion Systems and M.Braun announce a strategic partnership on OLED inkjet printing equipment

Notion Systems and M.Braun announced a strategic partnership in OLED processing equipment. The two companies will combine their best-in-class OLED production technology to improve the production process offers and enhance market access in Asia.

Notion system MBraun n.jet display system and setup

M.Braun is a developer of glove boxes, inert gas purification and automation solutions while Notion Systems is a leading developer of industrial inkjet-printing systems for functional materials, and both companies already enjoy the growing demand of OLED manufacturing in Asia.

BOE plans to become the world's leading flexible OLED maker by 2024

BOE says that its current flexible OLED market share is around 20%. The company says that it plans to increase its market share to 40% by 2024 - and become the world's leader in flexible OLED production by then. BOE estimates that the flexible OLED market will generate $49.7 billion in revenues in 2024.

BOE Flexible AMOLED prototype photo

Earlier this month BOE announced that it shipped 16 million flexible OLEDs in the first half of 2020, and the company expects to ship over 40 million panels in the whole of 2020. BOE main problems currently lie with its Huawei account - the Chinese smartphone maker is expected to producing only 50 million smartphones in 2021 - down from 190 million in 2020. BOE hopes to recoup some of its Huawei orders by becoming an OLED supplier to Apple.

New OLED gadget: Vivo Watch

The Vivo Watch is a smartwatch that features a round AMOLED display, 1.19" 390x390 or 1.39" 454x454. Other features include a blood oxygen monitor, heart rate sensor and 2GB of internal storage.

Vivo Watch photo

The Vivo Watch costs $190 (for both sizes) and will ship soon in China.

Hyundai puts a 77-inch OLED in its Ioniq EV concept cabin

Hyundai unveiled a new Ioniq EV concept cabin, which includes several new technology. The new cabin design was made in collaboration with LG Electronics, and includes a 77-inch curved OLED display on the ceiling.

Hyundai Ioniq EV concept cabin photo

The new cabin also includes other innovative technologies, such as automatic shoe cleaning and cloth cleaning - and even includes a floor cleaning robot.

New OLED gadget: Royole FlexPai 2

Royole's second-generation foldable smartphone, the FlexPai 2 5G device, sports a 7.8-inch 1920x1440 OLED, a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 8/12GB of RAM, 256/512 GB of storage, 5G connectivity and a quad camera setup.

The Flex Pai 2 sports Royole's own Water OS, an Android version that includes special software features to take advantage of the foldable display. The phone is now shipping in China starting at $1,500.

Kaneka expands its OLED lighting solutions for visual inspection at production sites

The OLED Association reports that Kaneka is seeing a market for OLED lighting panels in manufacturing sites, for visual inspection. The company is currently marketing such solutions in Japan, and the company says that OLED lighting can help detect defects on surface of parts, and it helps to lessen the burden on inspector eyes.

Aomori OLED production site photo

Kaneka says that it has seen defects reduced by 50% by using an OLED system instead of an LED system - at a brightness that is only 10% compared to the brightness of the LED system. It is seeing success in this market and the company's Q2 2020 panel output volume (at its OLED Aomori subsidiary) was up 10X compared to Q2 2019. The company is producing 3.54x3.54 inch OLEDs for this market.

New OLED gadget: Sony Xperia 5 II

The Sony Xperia 5 II is a high-end gaming and media smartphone, that features a 6.1-inch 120Hz 1080x2520 HDR OLED display. Other feature include a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 128/256GB of storage, microSD slot, a triple camera setup and 5G connectivity.

Sony Xperia 5 II photo

The Xperia 5 II will launch by the end of September 2020 starting at $950.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes