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OLED devices use organic semiconductors to create beautiful, flexible and efficient display panels.

Recent OLED News

Panasonic Avionics adds larger 4K OLED options to its Astrova aircraft internal entertainment platform

In 2022 Panasonic Avionics launched its Astrova aircraft internal entertainment platform that is based on 13-, 16- and 22-inch 4K OLED screens. The company is now adding larger OLED screens to the Astrova lineup.

The new OLED displays, aimed for business-class and first-class cabins, will be available in five sizes 19, 22, 27, 32, and 42 inches. Beyond the increased performance, Astova also offers significant weight savings compared to other seat-end architectures.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 07,2023

OLED-Info readers get a special discount for TechBlick's upcoming AR/VR event

Event organizer TechBlick, in collaboration with the MicroLED Association, is hosting an AR/VR in-person virtual event on July 26-27, and our readers get a special discount.

TechBlick has put together a world-class agenda focusing on all the elements of the vision system. The agenda brings together companies and start-ups advancing the technology and the art and includes leading market and technology analysts. Click here for more information!

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SID Displayweek 2023 - OLED summary

The display industry's top conference, SID DisplayWeek 2023 took place at the end of May in Los Angeles. The event was interesting, and fruitful - and it was exciting to be able to travel to display trade shows again after several years. Display Week made it clear that OLED is the technology of choice for almost all high-end and medium-range applications. Next-generation technologies, mostly microLEDs, were also very prominent. Here's a list of all our articles from SID:

Read the full story Posted: Jun 06,2023

New OLED gadget: Apple Vision Pro

The long-anticipated Apple VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, features dual 1.41" 4K (4000 PPI) microdisplays (reportedly produced by Sony) - and rather surprising it does not have a foveated design. The headset also includes an external display (Apple does not specify this display's type) to simulate the user's eyes (reverse passthrough). 

The Vision Pro is based on Apple's M2 chipset, and includes 12 cameras, five sensors, a lidar scanner and six microphones. Inside the headsets there are more cameras and sensors and the device also includes a new chip  used for real-time processing of real-world data (the R1 chip). Apple says the battery life of the Vision Pro is two hours.

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New OLED gadget: Lenovo Yoga Air 14s 2023

Lenovo's Yoga Air 14s, 2023 edition, is a thin laptop that offers a 14.5" 90hz 600nits 3K touch AMOLED display, a Ryzen 7-series chipset, 32GB of memory, 1TB SSD and a 70Wh battery.

Lenovo did not yet detail the price or shipping date of its latest laptop.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 05,2023

Researchers reach 100% IQE with a single-layer TADF device, getting closer to commercial viability

A few months ago we reported on research conducted at Germany's Max Planck Institute, led by Prof. Paul W.M. Blom, that looks into single-layer OLED devices. In such devices, a single TADF OLED emitter layer is sandwiched between two electrode - a much simpler design compared to commercial OLED devices that use multilayer stacks, sometimes with 10 or more layers.

The researchers the the MPI say that in fact it is possible to develop highly efficient OLEDs with just the TADF emitter, as there's no fundamental reason or major benefits that arise from multilayer OLEDs. The researchers continue their work, and now they have developed a new single-layer blue OLED in which every injected electron is converted into a photon - or 100% IQE. This is the first time that such a single-layer OLED device was demonstrated (see image above).

Read the full story Posted: Jun 04,2023