According to a report from China, TCL demonstrated 65" 8K OLED panel, produced using an inkjet printing process. This display was co-developed by TCL's CSoT and JOLED.

TCL-CSoT 65'' 8K inkjet printed OLED prototype photo

Last year it was reported that TCL's CSoT is building a $6.8 billion 8.5-Gen inkjet printing line in Guangzhou (the T8 line), with production expected to begin in 2023.

TCL believes that its printing technology will enable higher material utilization and high production yields, lower cost production and a simpler device structure. This will lead to lower TV prices compared to the currently used WOLED evaporation process.




Will it be direct emission? Or still using a white "backlight"?

We don't know, but we would

We don't know, but we would assume inkjet printed TVs will use a direct-emission architecture

Will this technology fix burn

Will this technology fix burn in issues?

Inkjet printing has many

Inkjet printing has many advantages, but it will still suffer from the same burn-in issues as evaporation (maybe even worse, depends on the materials lifetime)

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