JOLED logoJOLED (Japan OLED) was established in August 2014 by Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic with an aim to become an OLED medium display producer (focusing at first on OLEDs for tables, laptops and signage).

JOLED received an investment from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, a public-private investment fund. JDI holds around 50% of JOLED, the INCJ holds about 30% and Sony and Panasonic each owns 5%. The company is focused on OLED printing technology it got from Panasonic, but also holds Sony's WRGB OLED technologies.

In late 2016 it was reported that JOLED aims to start producing prototype OLED panels in the second half of 2017. JOLED developed a 21.6" UHD panel and actually aims to start offering the panel in 2017 to medical monitor makers and other commercial applications. JOLED's panels are made on an Oxide-TFT backplane, and the process is optimized for 10 to 30 inch panels. JOLED expects to achieve mass production in FY2018 (April 2018 to March 2019).

In April 2016 it was reported that JOLED developed OLED panels, a 12.2" FHD (180 PPI) panel and a 19.3" 4K one (230 PPI). JOLED is preparing a Gen-4.5 fab, and investments in its R&D and pilot production facility are expected to reach $160 million.

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3-7-1 Nishi-shinbashi
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