Japan Display (JD) is a small/medium display maker, formed in September 2011 by the merger of Sony’s, Toshiba’s and Hitachi’s display businesses and funded by Japan’s government fund Innovation Network Corporation (INCJ), which holds 70% of the shares.

JD considers OLEDs to be the “core technology” of the next generation small size and medium size displays. The company already unveiled several AMOLED prototypes, including a 5.2" Full-HD (423 PPI) WRGB LTPS panel. The company announced plans to build a pilot AMOLED production line in its Ishikawa Plant.

In August 2014 JDI, together with Sony, Panasonic and Japan's INCJ, launched JOLED as a separate company to handle OLED development. In early 2016 JDI announced plans to commence AMOLED mass production by 2018. In December 2016 JDI raised $635 million from INCJ to grow its OLED program, and used part of the money to increase its stake in JOLED.

Company Address: 
3-7-1 Nishi-shinbashi
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