Japan Display (JDI) is a small/medium display maker, formed in September 2011 by the merger of Sony’s, Toshiba’s and Hitachi’s display businesses and funded by Japan’s government fund Innovation Network Corporation (INCJ), which holds 70% of the shares.

JDI considers OLEDs to be the “core technology” of the next generation small size and medium size displays, and in 2017 the company announced that it is going to perform a "last-chance" restructuring to focus on OLEDs as there is "no future for the smartphone panel business without OLED". JDI requires around $1.7 billion to start OLED production, and is now raising the funds needed - looking for partners in Japan and China.

In August 2014 JDI, together with Sony, Panasonic and INCJ, launched JOLED to develop and produce printed OLED panels. In December 2016 JDI raised $635 million from INCJ to increase its stake at JOLED - but this plan was halted later in 2017.

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3-7-1 Nishi-shinbashi