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OLED-Info is a comprehensive portal for all things OLED. It was launched in July 2004 as an OLED news aggregator and quickly grew to become a hub for OLED professionals and enthusiasts, with a monthly readership of over 120,000. Today OLED-Info provides a knowledge hub and extended services for OLED professionals and industry people, as well as those who want to learn more about this exciting new technology.

Here at OLED-Info, We use our unique point of view, knowledge and familiarity with the industry to offer the absolute best service possible. We provide daily news, information, updates and commentary focusing on OLED as an emerging display and lighting technology. We also provides several services for OLED professionals - including market reports, advertisement services, content marketing, consulting services, and more.

Who we are

Ron Mertens photo (2016)Ron Mertens is owner and editor-in-chief of OLED-Info. A software engineer by trade, he is also an entrepreneur with a keen eye for emerging technologies and a passion for getting to know the people behind the companies. He lives in herzliya, Israel, where he also raises his two precious daughters. Despite his time-consuming work, Ron manages to make time for playing the piano, skiing and hiking, as well as his newfound love of surfing.

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Roni Peleg photo (2016)Roni Peleg is OLED-Info’s senior editor. She has amassed a considerable body of work spanning technical writing, literary editing and content writing, but her loyalties now admittedly lie with OLEDs. A habitual baker, Roni can’t seem to pass on a single recipe, often causing others to eat way too much sugar. She lives in Kfar-Saba with her two amazing boys, that make sure that her free time is never free, but always includes dirt, noise and lots of joy.

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Amit Levran photoAmit Levran is OLED-Info's account manager. He is a people's person who uses his natural curiosity in his work, nurturing relationships with customers all over the world. Amit's passion for graphic design also enables him to weigh in on various design matters across the website. Dividing his time between living in Israel and France, he tries to find time to indulge his love of hiking, nature, animals, and photography - while generally trying to discover as much as possible about life.

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