Article last updated on: Aug 20, 2021

OLED technology enables thin, efficient and bright displays and lighting panels. OLEDs are currently used in many mobile devices, some TVs and lighting fixtures. OLED displays offer a better image quality compared to LCD or Plasma displays - and can also be made flexible and transparent.

Transparent OLED displays

Several companies develop transparent OLED (also referred to as T-OLED) technologies. While there's no inherent technology barrier towards transparent OLED displays, finding actual applications for such displays is not easy.

Transparent OLED automatic doors ,LGD and Assa Abloy

As of 2021, LG Display is producing 55-inch transparent OLED panels (used mostly in signage and commercial settings) while other companies produce small (around 1-2 inch in size) transparent PMOLED display. In April 2013 we posted a review of Futaba's 2" 160x128 transparent PMOLED panel - which could be an interesting read even if this specific display is no longer in production.

Transparent OLED Lighting

OLED technology can be used to make lighting panels - these are thin, area-lit and efficient lighting panels, that can be made transparent. Unlike displays, transparent OLED lighting panels have more immediate applications (embedded in windows, for example). In April 2012 we posted our hands-on review with a transparent Tabola OLED lighting panel sample. As the OLED lighting market in general is still at an early stage, we do not see actual adoption and production of transparent OLED lighting.

OLED-Info's Transparent OLEDs Market Report

OLED-Info offers a comprehensive Transparent OLED Market Report which gives all the information you need to understand this market and the future of transparent OLEDs. The report explains:

  • Transparent OLED properties and advantages
  • What are the main challenges towards transparent OLEDs
  • What kind of transparent OLED displays are currently on the market
  • The transparent OLED lighting market

The report package also provides a complete list of transparent OLED developers and makers and their current (and future) products, and a lot more. Read more here!

The latest transparent OLED news:

A desk with an integrated transparent OLED monitor wins this year's OLED Go! Design Competition

LG Display, together with British design magazine Dezeen recently launched the 2nd OLED Go! Design competition. LGD announced the winner of this year's competition, the Caelum desk, designed by Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar.

Caelum integrates a 27-inch transparent OLED displays into the desk partition, eliminating the need for a separate monitor to free up desk real estate and reduce household clutter. When not in use, the display can switch to its transparent mode as to seamlessly blend in with the room’s décor.

LGD installs 38 transparent OLED screens at a futuristic bakery in Korea

LG Display has deployed 38 55" transparent OLED displays at a new bakery in Korea. This is a "futuristic" flagship branch of Korea-based Paris Baguette, in Pangyo. LG says that in this new bakery, new products and services can be experienced first, and this goes in line with the adoption of the transparent screens.

This is the largest ever transparent OLED installation, where these OLEDs are used to create a giant digital signage system. The screens are used in the store's entrance, as a smart partition between the baking station and the store, as transparent art wall, and also as transparent signage on the windows, on the bread stand.

LG Display suggests new applications for its transparent OLED displays

LG Display is holding its Open Innovation Forum (OIF) in Las Vegas, and the company is showing new potential applications for its 55" transparent OLED displays. LGD has teamed up with its customers and design houses to introduce these new use cases.

LG Display E-Crystal Transparent OLED for conference rooms

Above you can see the E-Crystal, which is a proposed solution for conference rooms, created with Korean interior company EXA E&C. The E-Crystal embeds a transparent OLED into the conference room glass wall. LGD also shows the Transparent Wall Skin, produced with DAIER, that adds OLED displays into a glass wall which can be easily installed in offices, hotels, and hospitals.

Here is BOE's 12.5" flexible transparent OLED display prototype

BOE is showing a new flexible and transparent display prototype at SID Displayweek, this is something we did not see for several years.

The display on show is a 12.5" panel that offers a transmittance of up to 45%. The brightness is 700 nits, and the pixel density is 80 PPI. BOE says it developed a unique pixel scheme to enable the transparency of this display.

OTI Lumionics and Dai Nippon Printing collaborate on better EVM masks for OTI's material deposition

Canada-based OTI Lumionics started shipping its 2nd-gen ConducTorr Cathode Patterning Materials (CPM) by the end of 2020 to customers, which are used to create OLED displays with under-the-display camera and face unlock technologies.

OTI Lumionics materals and transparent display

OTI Lumionics now announced that it signed an agreement with EVM OLED mask maker Dai Nippon Printing. Dai Nippon will optimize its EVM masks for the deposition of OTI's CPM materials.

Disappearing Displays: Can You See Me Now?

This is a guest article by Sri Peruvemba

For those of us in the tech industry, inventions from the iconic Star Wars saga and Star Trek series have led to decades of inspiration - some of which we are still trying to build today. Even over the last few years, I have been thrilled to see many of my colleagues pushing the envelope on next generation digital display technologies. One segment of this industry I see opportunities for innovation is what I call “disappearing” displays - displays that don't get in the way when they aren't being viewed, so to speak. Sort of like the character Jeeves in P.G. Wodehouse’s popular novels who could appear and disappear at will.

Let me give you a little bit more context around this. Have you noticed people turning towards their Alexa/Google Assistant devices to ask a question? Or noticed people in a conference room on an audio call, staring at the phone while speaking? How about in the car where people turn to the GPS display while speaking on their hands-free phone? Why is this? Humans are visual creatures. But we also want to see displays when we need them; the rest of the time we would prefer for them to be out of the way, merged with the background, virtually disappearing until we need them again.

LG Display announces the 20 semifinalists in the 2nd OLED Go! design competition

LG Display, together with British design magazine Dezeen announced the semifinalists in the 2nd OLED Go! Design competition. LG says that there was high interest in this year's competition, with over 300 entries from all over the world, with many innovative ideas.

OLED Go! 2 design contest, Totem concept image

Many of the designs utilized future flexible, rollable and transparent OLEDs to create new innovative future products, for both residential and commercial applications. Click here to see all the semifinalist designs.

OLED-Info's OLED Market Reports updated to January 2022

Today we published new versions of our market reports - that cover the transparent, PMOLED, microdisplays and automotive OLED markets. OLED-Info provides comprehensive niche OLED market reports, and our reports cover everything you need to know about the niche market, and can be useful if you want to understand how the OLED industry works and what this technology can provide for your own industry. The reports are now updated to January 2022.

The OLED and MicroLED Microdisplays Market Report:

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  • Information on all companies involved in this market
  • What kind of displays are available on the market today
  • Future technologies and roadmaps

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Doosan Bobcat shows a concept electric excavator with a transaprent OLED in the windshield

Construction equipment maker Doosan Bobcat is showing a new electric excavator concept that features a see-through AR windshield display that is based on a transparent OLED.

Doosan Bobcat LG transparent OLED photo

Bobcat's E35e concept uses LGD's 55" FHD transparent OLED to overlay information for the operator, such as the location and conditions of a construction site. The display is touch enabled so the operator can perform functions through the display, and even control other excavators from a distance.

LGD to show new transparent OLED application ideas at CES 2022

LG Display will introduce new transparent OLED application ideas at CES 2022. The company is unveiling four innovate solutions, all that use the same 55" FHD 38% transparent OLED panel that LG is producing since 2019.

LG Display Shopping Managing Showcase at CES 2022

First up is the Shopping Managing Showcase which uses a wooden display stand. This retail application is "ideal for luxurious department stores as it can "display eye-catching visual content on the screen that harmonizes with the products on display behind".