LG Display's WOLED panels receive new low-plastic and eco-friendliness certifications from UL and SGS

LG Display says that its WOLED TV and gaming displays have been awarded UL's low-plastic verification, given to products in which the plastic usage accounts to less than 5% of their total weight.

LGD says that its 65-inch OLED TV panel contains about 4% plastic content, about 905 lower than to a 65" LCD panel. In addition, by substituting key components with easily recyclable materials, LG Display has increased the recyclability of parts to as high as 92.7% at disposal.


LG Display also updates that its transparent OLED panels earned the Eco-Product Certification Mark from SGS, particularly for their excellence in three major categories of product eco-friendliness: resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and minimal use of harmful substances. In detail, 23% of all components that make up the Transparent OLED panel are comprised of recycled materials, coupled with the fact that the panel adheres to the EU’s REACH regulations on chemical substance management.

Posted: Feb 27,2024 by Ron Mertens