Reports suggest that Nintendo has already finished developing the OLED version of the Switch 2 gaming console

In October 2021, Nintendo launched its first OLED gaming console, the Nintendo Switch OLED. The new OLED device is popular - eight months after the launch Nintendo announced it shipped over 5.8 million devices, and earlier this month the company announced it has sold over 7 million Nintendo Switch OLED devices in Japan alone.

Nintendo Switch OLED consoles image

In early 2024, we heard that Nintendo is working on its next-generation console that will replace the Switch and Switch OLED devices, which will utilize an 8" LCD display (produced by Sharp). This was a disappointment - especially as people seem to love the OLED display. But according to a new report, Nintendo has already finished the development of a Switch 2 OLED device, that will released shortly after the LCD model is launched (perhaps even still in 2024). The OLED, as in the original Switch OLED device, will be produced by Samsung Display.


The mobile gaming console market is beginning to be a substantial market for OLED makers, especially for SDC that produces the OLEDs for Nintendo, and also the 7.4" panel used in the Steam Deck OLED device. The OLED Toolbox provides indepth info on OLEDs for gaming consoles as part of its insights trends analysis.

Posted: Apr 26,2024 by Ron Mertens


What is the source "report" for this article? It just says "according to a new report"