Korea's Great Train eXpress subway installs LGD's 55" transparent OLED displays

LG Display announced that Korea's newly launched Great Train eXpress (GTX) subway service has installed the company's 55" transparent OLED displays in the cabin windows.

This is the first subway service in Korea to install transparent OLEDs (similar projects have already been deployed in China, Russia, and Japan). The idea is that the OLEDs create a "comfortable and smart on-board experience by displaying varied content". LGD initally installed 16 OLED displays on a single train with eight cars running on the inaugural GTX line between Suseo and Dongtan. Going forward, the GTX plans to install OLED panels in all of its trains.


LGD further says that special tempered glass has been used to make the Transparent OLEDs more resistant to shocks and vibrations compared to the past so that they can operate stably even on trains running at speeds of more than 150 kph, and they have passed the standard Korean railway test.

While this is the first in-cabin installation in Korea, this is not the first deployment in the subway - towards the end of 2023, Seoul's Metropolitan Government has initiated a new pilot test at Myeong-dong Station that offers an AI-powered translation service for tourists that enables them to communicate with the subway staff through a transparent 55" LG OLED display. The pilot was successful, and Seoul's Metro later expanded the service to 11 stations, throughout Seoul. 

The new GTX is one of the world's fastest underground rail services, operating at approximately three times the speed of conventional subway trains. The GTX connects major hubs in Seoul with the greater metropolitan area.

Posted: May 02,2024 by Ron Mertens