LGD installs transparent OLEDs at one of the lines of the Moscow Metro

In February 2019 LG Display started producing its 55" FHD 38% transparent commercial OLED displays, and the company recently announced several projects that utilize its 55" transparent OLED displays.

One of these projects is the installation of transparent OLEDs on subway train windows in China - in Beijing and Shenzhen. We now learn that the Moscow Metro has launched a pilot project, in which transparent OLED displays were installed in the windows of the cars on the Line 7 of the Moscow Metro.

The Metro reveals that all the costs were borne by its partners. It will decide on the future of this project, and whether to install more such displays when it gets the results from a survey among the train's passengers.

LGD explains that trains and subways generally have limited spots to display information the largest unused space would be the carriage windows - into which transparent OLEDs fit perfectly. LG's OLEDs "provide additional information and convenience while maintaining the natural openness of the window". LG Display sees a good future market in the transportation market - for trains, subways, tourist buses, self-driving cars, and ships.

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Posted: Oct 15,2021 by Ron Mertens