Here is Panasonic's wooden-cabinet transparent OLED prototype

In April 2019 Panasonic unveiled a transparent OLED TV prototype housed in a wooden cabinet. Here's a nice video showing the display in action:

Panasonic has been showing transparent OLED display prototypes and concepts since 2016. This specific prototype was designed by Scandinavian based designer Daniel Rybakken in collaboration with Panasonic Design Kyoto.

CSoT demonstrated new OLED display prototypes and technologies at SID DisplayWeek 2019

China-based display maker CSoT demonstrated several new OLED display prototypes and technologies at SID 2019, and this great new video shows these displays in action.

First up is a 31" 4K (3840 x 2160, 144 PPI) AMOLED that was produced using an ink-jet printing process on an IGZO substrate. The peak brightness is 200 nits and the refresh rate is 120 Hz. This seems to be the same panel announced in March 2018 by Joshua Printing Display Technology (established by CSoT and Tianma in 2016). The display has some noticable defects.

Visionox shows new foldable, flexible and automotive OLED Displays at SID 2019

China-based OLED producer Visionox has demonstrated several new OLED technologies at SID DisplayWeek 2019 last month, and the following great video shows the company's impressive booth and displays.

First up is a foldable OLED display that can be folded inwards and outwards. The panel's folding radius is 5 mm, and Visionox says that it can be folded over 200,000 times. The company did not disclose the exact size and resolution, though.

NTHU installs over 200 OLED candle-light lamps at Taiwan's Smangus tribe

Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU) Professor Jou has been researching the hazards of blue light for many years, warning us against the hazards of modern lighting and focusing on OLED lighting as the technology that enables low blue-light emission lighting. In 2015, NTHU started to develop its low blue-light candle-light orange-type OLED technology, initially in collaboration with Wisechip and later with China-based OLED lighting producer First-o-lite.

NTHU has been promoting these candle-light OLEDs for the Smangus tribe in Taiwan's Jianshi Township which has been avoiding artificial light pollution. NTHU and the tribe managed to raise money to produce 240 OLED lamps, 90 for street lights and the rest to light up more than 100 cabins in the tribe's village. This is a beautiful project and hopefully will bring more attention to the hazards of blue light and the advantages of OLED lighting technologies.

BOE demonstrates a 20:1 AMOLED shelf-label display prototype

BOE demonstrated a new AMOLED display that has a unique format - a 20:1 display (1209×63 mm) with a resolution of 3840×160 and relatively small bezels.

These kind of displays can be used for electronic shelf label applications - a field traditionally catered for by e-paper or E Ink displays due to their high efficiency and non volatility. E Ink displays are highly suited for these signage applications - but OLEDs can offer much higher image quality and colors so could suit some applications.

Novaled inaugurates its new €30 million offices and R&D Headquarters

In January 2017 Novaled started constructing its new €30 million fab and office headquarters buildings in Dresden, a renovated old mill turned into a prestigious office building and state-of-the-art OLED R&D laboratories which increase the company's R&D OLED deposition capacity by 40%.

Novaled now officially inaugurated its new headquarters, and released the nice video above showing the new offices, facilities and laboratories - including the 110 meter long R&D center with fully equipped chemical laboratories and ISO5 and ISO7 cleanrooms. We wish all our good friends at Novaled the best of luck in the new location!

CSoT demonstrates its first foldable AMOLED prototype

China-based CSoT demonstrated a foldable OLED prototype at SID DisplayWeek 2019, I believe this is the first time the company has shown a foldable display.

CSoT recently started pilot production at its 6-Gen LTPS flexible AMOLED production line in Wuhan and the company already achieved some design wins with "top-class" phone makers and is expected to start shipping OLED displays to its customers in Q4 2019. The Wuhan fab will have a monthly production capacity of 45,000 6-Gen substrates.

Oppo and Xiaomi show smartphone prototypes with under-the-OLED cameras

In the last few years we witnessed an interesting evolution of smartphone display sizes: from bezel on the top and the bottom, to notch-type displays, to full-screen displays with pop-up selfie cameras and also displays with round laser-cut holes.

OLED makers have successfully integrated fingerprint sensors behind the OLED panels, but integrating a camera completely behind a transparent part of the OLED display is more difficult. Earlier this year Samsung Display estimated that it will take at least 3 years for this technology to reach the market - but yesterday both Xiaomi and Oppo unveiled smartphone prototypes with selfie cameras under the OLED display.

Planar launches its 2nd-Gen 55" transparent OLED signage displays likely based on LGD panels

In November 2015 Planar launched its LookThru displays, based on 55" FHD transparent OLED panels made by Samsung Display. SDC stopped producing these OLEDs shortly after, though, and Planar had to halt its sales.

In February 2019 LG Display launched its own 55" FHD transparent OLED production, and now Planar announced its 2nd-Gen LookThru (LO552) displays - which are likely based on LGD's panels this time.

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