LG Display starts mass producing 13-inch tandem laptop OLED panels

LG Display says that it has started to mass produce tandem OLED laptop panels, the first company to do so. LGD says its tandem architecture double the lifetime of its OLEDs, reduce power consumption by up to 40%, and enable up to three times the brightness.

LGD has been producing tandem OLED displays since 2019, mainly for the automotive industry. This expertise has enabled it to be Apple's main tandem OLED display suppler for its 2024 iPad Pro devices, and now to be the first one to produce tandem laptop panels. 


LGD's first tandem laptop OLED is a 13" 2880x1800 panel. According to reports from last month, LGD's first customer for these panels is Dell, which ordered 100,000 such panels for its upcoming 2024 XPS 13 laptop.

Interestingly, LGD says that it has optimized the structure of its new 13" display, and has been able to make it around 40% thinner and 28% lighter than existing OLED laptop screens. The display also includes a built-in touch layer.

Tandem OLED architecture is a strong trend in the OLED industry, one of several key new technologies that will enable to dramatically reduce power consumption, increase brightness and improve the lifetime. The OLED Toolbox provides an in-depth trend analysis of current and future OLED technologies, and analyses how lifetime and efficiency will be the focus of display makers in the near future.

Posted: Jun 24,2024 by Ron Mertens