Apple announces its 2024 iPad Pro devices, with tandem AMOLED displays

Yesterday Apple officially announced its 2024 iPad Pro devices, Apple's first tablets with AMOLED displays. There are two devices, a 11" model (1668x2420) and a 13" model (2064x2752). Both OLEDs offer 120Hz and 1600 nits peak brightness - and a tandem architecture. Apple brands these displays as Ultra Retina Tandem OLEDs.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 photo

The new iPad Pro 2024 devices will ship next week, starting at $999 for the 11" model. Some of the models offer a matte finish (nano-texture glass coating).


Apple's OLED suppliers are Samsung Display and LG Display. LGD is actually the main supplier, as Samsung Display seems to still have ramp-up issues with its tandem process. Samsung Display is reportedly launching a new dedicated research team to develop next-generation IT OLED display solutions for Apple.

Posted: May 08,2024 by Ron Mertens