OLED TVs take first place in Value Electronics' 2022 TV shootout

Esteemed US-based A/V retailer Value Electronics conducted its latest annual TV shootout, with very interesting results. It is not a big surprise, but OLED TV won the first places in both the 4K and 8K shootout.

Value Electronics 2022 TV shootout photo

In the 4K category, VE tested five TVs, out of which 3 were OLED TVs: The LG G2 OLED TV, Samsung S95B QD-OLED, Samsung QN95B (QD miniLED), Sony A95K QD-OLED and Sony's X95K mini-LED. The winner of this year's shootout was Sony's A95K QD-OLED.

This is the first year in which the company runs a separate 8K test. Here VE tested three TVs only, the LG Z2 OLED, the Samsung QN900B QD miniLED and Sony's 9K miniLED. The winner of the shootout was LG's Z2 OLED.

The shoot included several tests - standard HD content in both bright and dark environments, and also a separate HDR test in a dark viewing environment. VE gathered A/V experts and the results were decided with a popular vote.

The Sony QD-OLED TV actually received the first place position in all testing categories, and it was followed closely by Samsung's own QD-OLED TV (which isn't a surprise as they both use the same SDC panel).

Posted: Aug 05,2022 by Ron Mertens