Will BOE commercialize its 95" 8K OLED TV display?

At SID Displayweek 2022, BOE demonstrated a 95" 8K OLED TV display prototype. This was an impressive display, and according to DSCC, BOE actually hopes to start producing such panels commercially.

BOE 95'' 8K IGZO OLED prototype (SID Displayweek 2022)

BOE, it seems, aims to produce the display at its B5 R&D line, which has a very limited capacity. But as TVs based on this panel will be premium TVs, the limited capacity may be enough.

This is an interesting move by BOE. We heard from SID attendees that the display was impressive, but it had some defects and the quality was not enough for a commercial rollout, but we cannot confirm this.

The 95" AMOLED offers an 8K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, support for HDR and a maximum brightness of 800 nits. The panel is based on an an IGZO backplane, and uses a white OLED with color-filters architecture.

Posted: May 24,2022 by Ron Mertens