Samsung Display starts developing a tandem OLED for Apple's iPad

Back in 2020 we reported that Apple is worried about lifetime and burn-in issues in AMOLED displays in tablet applications, and Apple decided to adopt a tandem OLED architecture in the displays it will eventually adopt in future iPad devices.

LG Display already developed such panels for automotive applications, and according to reports it is developing a tandem LTPO AMOLED display for Apple, aiming to supply these to Apple at around 2024. According to a new report, Samsung Display has launched a project to develop tandem OLED panels as it also hopes to supply panels for Apple's future iPads.




According to The Elec, the Samsung Display panels that adopt the dual EML (tandem) structure, are called T-series panels (T for Tandem). Samsung hopes to have its first-gen T series panel ready for commercial production in 2023 - supplying it not just for Apple's iPad, but also for laptops and automotive applications.


According to earlier reports, SDC already started to develop such a display, together with Apple, but Apple canceled this project in 2021. It seems as if the company restarted this project now.

Posted: Mar 03,2022 by Ron Mertens