LGD is developing a tandem-stack 12.9" LTPO AMOLED display for Apple's 2024 iPads

A few days ago we posted that Apple has reportedly decided to delay its iPad OLED launch to 2023, and the company canceled its current joint development project with Samsung Display, as SDC could not develop what Apple wanted - a tandem stack structure, which would have improved the lifetime and performance of the AMOLED display.

According to a new report from Korea, LG Display is also developing a tablet display for Apple - a 12.9" AMOLED panel. LG's iPad display will be ready for mass production by 2023-2024, and it will use a tandem (2 stacks) architecture on an LTPO backplane. As SDC's project is canceled, it is likely that LG's 12.9" will be the first OLED adopted by Apple's tablets.




According to the reports, LG's tandem stack doubles the display's brightness and almost quadruples the lifetime. LG is already using a similar structure in its automotive OLED displays, which makes it much easier for LG to adopt this structure in a tablet AMOLED on LTPO compared to Samsung Display's task.

The reports continue to suggest that Apple is also interested in using 11-inch OLEDs in 2023 or 2024. The company aims to have both LGD and SDC as suppliers for its tablet AMOLEDs by 2024.

Posted: Oct 05,2021 by Ron Mertens