In a very interesting post, The Elec states that Apple has reached out to both Samsung Display and LG Display, requesting that the display suppliers develop a longer-lifetime OLED display for Apple's next iPad Pro devices.

Mercedes Benz 12.8'' OLED screen in the 2021 S-Class

LG 12.8-inch P-OLED in Mercedes Benz 2021 S-Class

The lifetime of the current crop of mobile OLED devices is not enough for Apple's iPad - which is designed to be used for a longer period of time compared to a smartphone. An increased lifetime will also result in lower burn-in problems which seem to trouble Apple.

Samsung Display is working to upgrade its A4 flexible OLED line in Asan, and add a new deposition chamber in the process that will enable it to deposit tandem (double stacked or even triple stacked) OLEDs - and so increase the lifetime of the devices.

LG Display is already able to produce tandem OLEDs, as it has developed this ability in its E5 production line for automotive panels. LG is already producing 12.8" tandem OLEDs for Mercedes. This means that LGD can supply OLED panels for Apple's iPad sooner than SDC.



Computer OLED monitors

The stacking approach potentially opens up a possibility for creating OLED displays lasting long enough for finally being used in computer monitors.

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