Dr. Andreas Haldi was appointed as CYNORA's Chief Marketing Office in 2016. CYNORA develops efficient blue TADF OLED emitters, and Dr. Haldi was kind enough to participate in this interview and help us understand CYNORA's business and technology.

Cynora Blue TADF OLED material photo

Q: Thank you Andreas for helping us understand CYNORA's business and technology better. CYNORA has set up on a focused mission to develop a commercial blue TADF emitter. What will you consider to be a market-ready material, in terms of lifetime, efficiency and color point?

For the last 5 years, CYNORA has worked on developing thermally activated delayed fluorescent (TADF) OLED emitters. End of 2015 we started to focus on efficient blue materials, which are still a key issue for OLED displays. Compared to the red and green pixels, the blue pixel is much less efficient. An increased efficiency of the blue pixel would therefore significantly reduce the power consumption of the display.

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Title: are = our ?

Yes JAMF, that was a typo...

Yes JAMF, that was a typo... thanks - fixed!


Typical interview with a marketing officer. Full of bla bla bla... How about an interview with the CTO  ?

What is the difference?

good CTOs becomes marketing officers when giving public interviews...


Their TADF performance is not

Their TADF performance is not even as good as phosphorescent blue. how is it on track to be commercialized by the end of the year? Who is going to use it? What a joke!

Good work Cynora team!

Beautiful to see the fast progress of these guys, I remember seeing their presentation at the SPIE some years earlier and again last fall, showing an improvement by many orders of magnitude. From what I know, they surpassed the best GEN 2 "blue" circa half a year ago or so and managed proper blue color point AND efficiency too unlike UDC and BASF based on their published patents and papers.


I wonder if they will really beat Adachi as the inventor of TADF to the market!