Cynora logoCynora, established in 2003 in Germany, was a developer of materials for OLEDs and OPVs. Cynora started out to develop copper-based OLED compounds, in addition to developing flexible OLED and OPV technologies.

The company later changed direction and focused on TADF OLED emitters, specifically aiming to develop an efficient blue emitter. The company hoped to have a commercial blue by 2017, but it was not successful.

In 2020 Cynora announced its first commercial product, a fluorescent blue emitter that is 15% more efficient that current fluorescent blue emitters on the market. Cynora branded its new material as cyBlueBooster. We are not aware of any companies that actually adopted this new material. In March 2020 we posted an interview with Cynora's CEO to discuss this new material.

In 2021, Cynora announced that it achieved a breakthrough in its deep-green TADF material, which it brands as cyUltimateGreen. Cynora started to offer test kits of the new deep-green emitter and Cynora promised it will follow soon with a deep-blue TADF solution. The company did not provide any updates since.

In June 2022 Samsung Display acquired Cynora.

Company Address

Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 2-6 Building 5110
76646 Bruchsal