Cynora achieves breakthrough in its green TADF material, test kits are now available for display makers

OLED material developer Cynora announced that it achieved a breakthrough in its deep-green TADF material, which it brands as cyUltimateGreen. The new material delivers an efficiency of over 20% (EQE), a lifetime of 400 hours (LT95@15mA) and a color point and emission spectrum that matches today's DICI-P3 standard (Cynora does not specify the exact number).

Cynora cyUltimateGreen TADF testing kit photo

Cynora further announced that is now making test kits of the new deep-green emitter available to its customers. Display makers can now start testing and verification using the new material. Cynora says it will also 'soon' follow with a deep-blue TADF solution.

Cynora also revealed, for the first time, that it has developed a materials-discovery engine called GEM (Generative Exploration Model) which is an AI platform that assists its scientists with immense computational capabilities in order to accelerate promising molecule identification.

In early 2020, Cynora announced its first commercial product, the cyBlueBooster fluorescent blue emitter that is 15% more efficient that current fluorescent blue emitters on the market. We have posted a Q&A with the company's CEO to discuss the cyBlueBooster material and get the latest updates from Cynora.

It will be exciting to see Cynora bring its first TADF material to market. In April 2020 TADF emitter developer Kyulux announced that it has shipped the first batch of its yellow TADF emitter to Taiwan's Wisechip to be used it the world's first TADF / Hyperfluorescence display.

Posted: Jan 22,2021 by Ron Mertens