A Q&A with Cynora's CEO, to discuss the company's new blue emitter

OLED material developer Cynora recently announced its first commercial product, the cyBlueBooster fluorescent blue emitter that is 15% more efficient that current fluorescent blue emitters on the market.

Cynora cyBlueBooster OLED closeup photo

This was a very interesting announcement, and Cynora's CEO Adam Kablanian was kind enough to answer a few questions we had to help understand the new material and Cynora's current business and latest technology.

Q: The new fluorescent blue emitter sounds like a great achievement. Can you detail how it exactly compares to existing fluorescent blue emitters?

Our new blue fluorescent emitter has > 15% more efficiency at the same color as the best emitter currently available.

Q: How exactly did you manage to increase the efficiency of a fluorescent emitter?

With a fundamental design that optimizes material properties to increase the intrinsic efficiency of the emitter, as well as the out-coupling efficiency of the emitter. The result is an increase in the efficiency of the blue pixel.

Q: Can you disclose the full material specification (color point, lifetime, and efficiency)? We know this is likely to be tied to the other materials on the stack, but any data will be appreciated.

The specific device performance is dependent on the stack, as you mention, and the stack data is the proprietary information of our customers. We can tell you, however, that with our emitter material, customers are able to increase the performance of the whole stack.

Q: Do you have any customers that are committed to implement the new material in OLED displays? Any forecast as to when we should expect OLEDs with the new blue emitter on the market?

Our commercialization strategy involves co-operations with key players in the OLED display ecosystem. Currently, it’s premature to forecast implementation timelines. Also, as you know, we have Joint Development Agreements with SDC and LGD related to our TADF activity. However, in deference to NDAs, we don’t discuss these activities publicly.

Q: This is a great achievement, of course. I guess you are also still working hard on a blue TADF emitter. Any updates on that? And on green TADF emitters? Are you also working on other material colors beyond blue and green?

TADF blue remains a very important focus of our development. In fact, it’s thanks to our ongoing TADF-blue R&D that we discovered a material class that works extremely well as a fluorescent emitter. Hence, our first product the cyBlueBooster. We are also working on other colors. All going well, we will have an update on that later this year.

Thank you Adam for your time, and good luck with the new material. We hope to hear updates later this year and hopefully hear of commercial adoption of cyBlueBooster by OLED producers!

Posted: Mar 05,2020 by Ron Mertens