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The OLED Toolbox offers a wide array of resources, including guides, projections, analyses, content library and profound insights into the OLED industry and market. Never before has it been so easy to gain access to a complete OLED industry resource.

The OLED Toolbox can be beneficial for many use cases: tuning R&D and marketing efforts, training new employees, market intelligence, identifying partners and customers, optimizing budgets and more. 

As the OLED Toolbox is a whole new concept, the video above can help clarify its purpose, explain what it is all about, and provide details the use cases. Contact us now for more information, and to get samples from the Toolbox

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Displayweek 2024 - summary article and thoughts

The display industry's top conference, SID DisplayWeek 2024, took place two weeks ago in San Jose, California. This was an interesting event, and fruitful, and a good chance to see almost the entire industry in the same location. OLED is clearly the leading display technology, but it seems that there is not much new innovation, it's difficult to think of a demo or prototype or technology that we have not seen before. Next-generation technologies, mostly microLEDs and QD-ELs, were also very prominent. Here's a list of all our articles from SID:

We hope this coverage will be useful, and we also came back with some insights and data that will be incorporated into the OLED Toolbox's next edition. We also shared several videos from the event - you can view them all here

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MicroLED-Info's custom private seminars, elevate your microLED industry knowledge

Are you interested in deepening your team's understanding of various MicroLED-related topics, train new personnel, and check out whether your product or service fits the microLED industry? MicroLED-Info offers custom-tailored seminars that can be an excellent solution.

MicroLED-Info private seminar image

These seminars are built specifically according to the customer's needs and requests and take place online. Employees from around the world can join the meeting to learn, ask questions and discuss issues which are relevant to their interests. Such seminars have already had great success among past customers. Here's what a recent company, a world-leading materials and components manufacturer, had to say about the service:

"We recently had the pleasure of engaging with MicroLED-info for a professional training session on MicroLED technology. Their private seminar was not only detailed and knowledgeable but also incredibly insightful, providing us with a comprehensive overview of the technology and its marketplace. The depth of information extended to the supply chain, enabling our team to swiftly grasp the critical aspects necessary for strategic decision-making.

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Visionox shows its latest OLED and MicroLEDs at Displayweek 2024

During Displayweek 2024, Visionox demonstrated many OLED display technologies and panels, and also an interesting microLED prototypes (produced by its subsidiarity Vistar).

Visionox is in the final stages of development of its ViP maskless display production process, and the company showcased some nice ViP smartphone panel prototypes (the technology can be used for any panel size). ViP offers a high improvement in aperture ratio (69% up from 29%) which results in low power consumption and brightness (up to 4X according to Visionox), improved lifetime (up to 6X), improved PPI and more.

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TCL CSOT shows its latest OLED, MicroLED and QD-EL displays at Displayweek 2024

TCL CSOT demonstrated its latest displays, technologies and prototypes at Display Week 2024. The company is focused on inkjet printing technologies, and a lot of the displays on show were indeed printed.

So first up, we TCL demonstrated a 14" 2880x1800 400 nits 30-120Hz ink-jet printed LTPO AMOLED display. The display is produced on a glass substrate, with thin film encapsulation (a 'hybrid OLED').

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Samsung shows its latest OLED and QD-EL displays at Displayweek 2024

Samsung Display had a rather large booth at Displayweek 2024, showing its latest OLED displays and technologies. Samsung showed several displays - including foldable smartphone panels, laptop and tablet displays, two QD-OLED displays, its 9.4" round automotive AMOLED, and more.

One interesting display was a panel that combines a foldable and a rollable display, that can open up to an impressively large display. Samsung brands it as a Flex Note Extendable Display.

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First impressions from SID Displayweek 2024

The display industry's premier event, Displayweek, is over. We will now collect our notes, thoughts, photos and images and will share it all in the coming days. In the meantime, we'd like to detail some initial impressions.

Generally speaking, it seems as if the display industry is going through a phase of relatively little innovation, especially with the mature LCD and OLED industry segments. While it has been a very busy week, and attendance at the event seems high, the number of actual demonstrations and prototypes was not stellar and compared to previous years, the booths were smaller and some companies skipped the event this year or preferred to only show their latest displays in private settings. Some thoughts we have:

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Make the most out of SID DisplayWeek 2024 with the OLED Toolbox

SID’s Displayweek 2024 is just around the corner, and we expect it to become another excellent display industry event – where you can meet most of the industry and see the latest display innovations, prototypes and products. DisplayWeek includes a 3-day exhibition, 4-day technical symposium, short courses, seminars, three focus conferences - and the 2024 annual meeting of the MicroLED Industry Association. And of course, many networking opportunities.

The OLED Toolbox can be an excellent tool to help maximize the event for your company, in many ways:

It can be used to screen potential companies with which you’d like to meet. The toolbox contains a spreadsheet of over 250 companies. You can filter the list (for example – only material developers, or only companies out of Germany) and learn about the company’s products, background, and get contact details.

Being properly prepared for a meeting during a tradeshow can be crucial – as most meetings are short and it is important to make a good first impression. So, once you’ve compiled a list of companies to meet, check out the OLED Library - which contains over 160 items contributed by industry companies. In the OLED Library you’ll find brochures, roadmaps, presentations, datasheets, and more. 

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Meet the OLED-Info team at SID DisplayWeek 2024!

SID's DisplayWeek is the world's leading display conference, and the OLED-Info team will attend this year's event. DisplayWeek will take place in San Jose this year, and will bring together a large part of the display industry. We're looking forward to seeing new display technologies, products and demonstrators and meeting up with industry leaders!

DisplayWeek includes a 3-day exhibition, 4-day technical symposium, short courses, seminars, three focus conferences (business, investors and market-focus) - and the 2024 annual meeting of the MicroLED Industry Association. We'll be happy to schedule meetings - so if you plan to come to the event, do contact us. We're really looking forward to a week full of display technologies!

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