Displayweek 2024 - summary article and thoughts

The display industry's top conference, SID DisplayWeek 2024, took place two weeks ago in San Jose, California. This was an interesting event, and fruitful, and a good chance to see almost the entire industry in the same location. OLED is clearly the leading display technology, but it seems that there is not much new innovation, it's difficult to think of a demo or prototype or technology that we have not seen before. Next-generation technologies, mostly microLEDs and QD-ELs, were also very prominent. Here's a list of all our articles from SID:

We hope this coverage will be useful, and we also came back with some insights and data that will be incorporated into the OLED Toolbox's next edition. We also shared several videos from the event - you can view them all here

Posted: May 30,2024 by Ron Mertens