Cynora announces significant progress towards highly-efficient blue OLED emitters

Germany-based OLED emitter developer Cynora announced it has made significant progress in its highly efficient blue OLED emitter material developments during the last 6 months. The company's materials are not yet ready for commercialization, but the company believes it is on its way.

Cynora blue TADF emitter photo

Cynora develops TADF-based emitters, focusing on blue-color emitters. Cynora has developed deep blue material reaching an EQE of 16.3% (at 100 cd/m2) compared to 3% reached in October 2015, a factor 5 improvement in six months.

In parallel, the company is using sky blue material to improve the device lifetime. A significant increase in the lifetime to more than 400 hours (LT50, 500 cd/m2) has recently been achieved from a level of a few minutes in last October. The company now aims to combine both efficiency and lifetime in a single deep blue material.

Cynora is not the only TADF developer, though. Kyushu University recently spun-off a new company, called Kyulux to commercialize the TADF emitters - aiming to have emitters ready by 2018. You can read more about Kyushu's TADF emitters here, and we also host an OLED Auditorium presentation from Prof. Adachi here.

In March 2015 the European Commission launched a new project called Phebe that aims to develop and commercialize TADF emitters.

Posted: May 04,2016 by Ron Mertens


Team Cynora has been doing great work for years, but the last 10 months have seen

a remarkable array of innovation & advancement. Way to go Cynora mgmt and staff!