In 2016, TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) emitters have received much attention in the OLED industry as the most promising method to improve OLED displays. CYNORA is one of the most active companies with several years of experience in this field and the company is now getting ready to bring a first blue TADF material to the OLED market.

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In a little more than one year, CYNORA has set itself up to become a major OLED material supplier. First, an experienced CEO in this field, Gildas Sorin, the former CEO of Novaled GmbH, was brought in. Since then, CYNORA has shown significant improvement in material performance starting with the announcement of two milestones.

The last achievements from September prove the capability of CYNORA’s R&D team. The company has combined a high efficiency and a long lifetime in a single blue emitter system. The EQE above 15% at high brightness and more than 400 h lifetime (LT80) is so far the best performance that has been reported generally for the TADF technology with blue emission. Of course, today´s materials are not yet ready for commercialization but CYNORA says they will use the coming 12 months to finalize their development and start commercialization by the end of 2017. CYNORA already works very closely with OLED manufacturers to make sure that the implementation of their first products will run smoothly once they are available.

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For 2017, CYNORA is currently mostly focusing on further improvements towards a deeper blue color point. To speed up the development and to reach the performance requested by the OLED industry, the R&D team will be increased along with a significant expansion of the lab space.

An update on the status of TADF blue at CYNORA will be shown by the product manager, Dr. Mathias Mydlak, during PFE China in Shanghai: “Efficient blue TADF emitter: material in high demand”. Dr. Mathias Mydlak will present the most recent advances and discuss the demand towards integrating this technology into the next generation of blue OLED device architectures.

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