What can we expect from CES 2014?

In January 7 CES 2014 will begin, and it'll be very interesting to see what kind of new OLED products and prototypes will be launched during this exciting event. Highlights from CES 2013 included LG's OLED TV launch, Samsung's YOUM flexible OLED launch and 4.99" FHD mobile OLED (which was later adopted in the GS4) - and finally Sony's and Panasonic's 56" 4K OLED prototypes.

LG UHD OLED TV prototype

But what should we expect from CES 2014? So first, let's look at OLED TVs. LG and Samsung are bound to show their current flat and curved 55" OLED TV products at CES, and LG will most likely bring their 77" curved UHD OLED prototype, but we do not expect them to launch this as a product yet. The two Korean companies are quite likely though to unveil ready-to-market 4K OLED TVs, curved and flat. Samsung already showed a 55" 4K OLED prototype at IFA 2013.

Samsung UHD OLED prototype

I'm not sure if this is for real, but some claim Samsung (and perhaps LG as well) are set to show bendable OLED TV prototypes. This technology was first unveiled in May 2013. The report claims that Samsung will unveil a "huge" TV that can deform and present the best possible image to the viewer depending on where he or she sits.

Sony and Panasonic recently canceled their OLED TV joint-development program. The companies are still likely to pursue OLEDs individually, but we do not expect to see any Japanese OLED TV prototypes at this year's CES. Two Chinese players (Seiki and Haier) unveiled OLED TV prototypes at the IFA exhibition so it's likely they will also show the same ones (or others) at CES. Perhaps Skyworth will also show their OLED TV as well - the one that uses LGD's panels.

But there's more to OLEDs then OLED TVs. We heard several reports from Korea that Samsung is set to unveil AMOLED tablets at CES, probably a 10.5" and perhaps a smaller 8" one as well. It's been two years since Samsung's first OLED tablet (the Galaxy Tab 7.7) and it'll be great to see such large OLEDs produced in volume.

It is also rumored that Samsung started to produce 5.25" WQHD (2560x1440, 560 PPI) AMOLEDs for the upcoming GS5. Samsung unveiled the 4.99" GS4 Full-HD panel at CES 2013, so it's likely they will show the 2014 WQHD panel at this year's event.

Samsung and LG will also probably bring their flexible OLED prototype and phones to CES. Hopefully we'll see more prototypes, and perhaps even new products that utilize flexible OLEDs - new phones or perhaps new wearable devices.

So CES 2014 should be quite interesting if you're interested in OLEDs. In fact, 2014 will hopefully be the breakout year for OLED TVs and flexible OLEDs. As this year comes to a close, I want to wish everyone a happy new year!

Posted: Dec 31,2013 by Ron Mertens