Samsung granted a patent on a remote-bendable TV

The US Patent Office granted Samsung a new patent (#537228) that describes a bendable TV. The idea is that you can use a remote control to bend the television so you'll get a better viewing angle:

Samsung bendable OLED TV patent image

Samsung says that this TV uses a flexible display panel (probably an OLED TV, but it is not mentioned in the patent) and a back panel that can deform the display. In addition, the whole TV sits on a unit that can be rotated. The TV will include special software that adjusts the image so it is not distorted by the bending.

I'm not sure how practical such a design is, but it surely is cool. Obviously this kind of technology is nowhere near mass production. In the meanwhile we'll have to settle on Samsung's 55" curved OLED TVs. Or better yet, on LG's EA9800 which will start shipping soon in Korea for a mere $13,500.

Posted: May 16,2013 by Ron Mertens