Samsung shows a 4K OLED TV prototype

Samsung is showing new 4K OLED TVs prototypes at the IFA 2013 exhibition. Samsung calls these panels a 'proof of concept' - which probably means we shouldn't be expecting this panel in a commercial product soon. They are showing two models, one flat and one curved.

It's still not clear whether 4K at a 55" TV actually makes a lot of sense, but it seems that this is the way the market is moving, and it's good to see more 4K OLED TV prototypes.

Posted: Sep 06,2013 by Ron Mertens


still no promising lifetime...

I reckon if i start to save now I might just be able to afford one of those 75inch 4k oled tvs by 2015. The wait will be worth it as the new blue ray 4k video machines will be out by then and content should on the shop shelves.Happy days.