In a few weeks CES 2014 will begin, and this show always brings us many new OLED gadgets. New rumors from Korea suggest that Samsung is set to announce a new tablet at CES with a 10.5" AMOLED display. This follows reports from a few weeks ago from a different Korean site that claimed that Samsung is developing two new tablets that sport AMOLED displays - an 8" one and a 10" one.

So far the only OLED tablet by Samsung was the the 2011 Galaxy Tab 7.7 with its 7.7" Super AMOLED Plus 1280x800 display. According to ETNews, Samsung only sold 500,000 such devices (it was a premium tablet). But this time Samsung will be more aggressive and hopes to sell over 5 million of those new 10.5" tablets. If they manage to pull this off, this tablet wil be followed by 8" and 13" AMOLED tablets.

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