LG shows a 77" curved UHD OLED TV prototype

A few months ago it was reported that LG will unveil a 77" OLED TV at the IFA 2013 exhibition - and today indeed the company unveiled a 77" curved UHD (4K) WRGB OLED TV prototype. This may be just a prototype, but still a great technology feat by LG...

So - this is the world's largest OLED ever shown (the previous biggest one was AUO's 65" panel shown at SID 2013). We've seen 4K OLEDs before from Sony and Panasonic and Samsung also has a UHD OLED panel on display at the exhibition.

Posted: Sep 06,2013 by Ron Mertens


i like this carve o led tv 

amazing display 

8.3 maga p

nice colour

nic desaning