According to reports from Korea, both Samsung and LG are planning to announce new OLED TVs at the IFA 2013 exhibition (Berlin, September 6). This time the companies will focus on size. Samsung will introduce a 75" set while LG will unveil a 77" one. Both TVs will be available on the market before the end of 2013, or in the first half of 2014.

Samsung 55-inch OLED TV panels

So is this rumor likely? Samsung still hasn't managed to ship their 55" OLED TV (although the latest reports suggest the current release date is set for July). Obviously a 75" panel means even lowered yields and a much higher price tag. On the other hand, as these larger TVs are priced at a premium at any case, perhaps the price difference to OLEDs will seem less harsh than on 55" panels.

The two Korean companies want to be seen on the forefront of OLED technology, and currently the largest OLED panel ever developed is AUO's 65" panel unveiled at SIDAUO still cannot mass produce even small 4" panels though. Both Sony and Panasonic showed 56" OLED prototypes at CES 2013, so perhaps the Koreans now want to make sure they have the largests OLED panels around. And Samsung and LG probably did not want to disclose the fact that they are working on such large panels before they're ready with actual prototypes ready for production, so they didn't show any large panel prototypes yet.

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