According to reports from Korea, Samsung finally decided to stay with direct-emission (RGB architecture) in its upcoming OLED TV. Samsung's managed to increase the production yields in their pilot line to 60%, and this will be enough to launch their first OLED TVs in July 1st, 2013.

Samsung is also expected to start investing in an 8-Gen OLED TV line soon. This new line, as we said, will produce direct-emission OLEDs. According to earlier reports Samsung did consider using LG's WRGB architecture because it's easier to produce.

Earlier this month Digitimes also reported that Korea is expected to launch their first OLED TV in June. Hopefully this time these two reports will be true and we'll find see Samsung launch their direct-emission 55" Full-HD OLED TV, the F9500, at least in Korea.

According to earlier reports, Samsung's OLED TV will cost about $18,000. That's a lot higher then LG's OLED, which costs $10,000 in Korea and $15,000 in the UK and in Israel (it will cost around $12,000 in the US, when it finally launches there).

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