During SID 2013 AUO unveiled a new 4.4" AMOLED panel prototype. The panel is 4.4" in size and features a PPI of 413 (1600x900 resolution). The brightness is 250 nits and the color gamut is 105% NTSC. This panel uses the WRGB structure and an LTPS backplane.

AUO 4.4'' 413PPI prototype photo

Last month AUO unveiled an AMOLED with an even higher PPI (5" Full-HD, 443 PPI). It's nice to see AUO unveil new prototypes, but what we really want to see is for them to start actual mass production. Some reports suggest that AUO's yields are still very low (around 40%) and the company won't stat mass production until 2014.



I wonder AUO has money to

I wonder AUO has money to invest in order to make a significant progress when both AUO and Innolux are focusing on 4k2k LCD display in 2013. Not saying that they are wrong, but how far can it go once more Chinese manufacturers begin to mass produce the 4k2k panel in the near future?

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