CES 2013 OLED summary

So, CES is now over, it's time for a summary post. A few days after announcing that accepting pre-orders for their 55" OLED TV in Korea, LG announced that the OLED TV is coming to the US - for $12,000. LG also unveiled a 55" curved OLED prototype.

Samsung unveiled a newer 55" OLED TV, but sadly the company did not detail their launch plans or pricing. Samsung had a 55" curved OLED TV of their own, quite similar to LG's set. Samsung "relaunched" their YOUM flexible AMOLEDs, showing some very neat prototypes. Again, these OLEDs aren't being produced yet, we can only hope they'll start production in 2013.

Posted: Jan 13,2013 by Ron Mertens


So would you agree that in terms of actual progress toward market the CES was a bit of a disapointment for OLEDs?

After all while the prototypes certainly look good it seems to me that with the possible exception of LG Display we are not really closer to OLED TVs becoming reality than we were 1-2 years ago.

according to the recent news, panasonic seems ready for oled production with printing mothode, hopefully we will see an actual product in Q1 2014 as they promised. and with printing metode, the cost of making oled panels will be much more acceptable than the ways the korean use.

btw, from some resource, i was told that the 4k oled panel that sony showed is actually made through a hybrid way, a mix of printing( for red & green sub-pixel) and evaporation ( for blue sub-pxiel). it seems sony doesnt think that the current printing method of blue material can meet their requairements, so they used a new pixel structure:

seems this time AUO's jod is kinda awkward...

The Panasonic news is very interesting and certainly significant. On the other hand "ready for production"...where do you get that from? To the best of my knowledge they were very quiet on any timetable for actual production of such displays. Just being able to show a prototype, albeit a very impressive on, at a show does not mean it is ready for production. If that were the case OLED TVs would have been on the market 3-4 years ago or even earlier.

and, if everything goes well, sony plans mass production in the middle 2013 with panasonic, accroding to the talk with sony's CEO during CES2013