Samsung unveils an updated 55" Full-HD OLED model, the F9500

Samsung announced a new OLED TV, the F9500 (full model number: KN55F9500). Samsung now calls this a "Real OLED TV" as it uses direct-emission RGB OLED subpixels. The panel is a Full-HD panel, 55" in size. This TV features voice and hand UI recognition, smart TV features (the engine is 1.35Ghz quad-core CPU), new picture processing technologies and active-shutter 3D (with Multi-View support via optional $99 3D headphone glasses).

Samsung OLED TVs at SID 2012

It's disappointing that Samsung wouldn't reveal any definite launch dates and prices. They do aim to start shipping in 2013 though. So now it seems that LG will indeed be the first one to ship OLED TVs - in fact they'll do so next month in Korea. Samsung says that the direct emission OLED structure is more efficient and better looking than LG's WRGB structure, but it seems that the WRGB structure is indeed easier to fabricate, which is obviously an advantage.

Posted: Jan 08,2013 by Ron Mertens