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oled touchscreen

does exist a oled touchscreen monitor?

Is it possible to do?

i know that touchscreen is a transparent sheet over the lcd screen.They are independent but linked by wire,cpu.. so i would know if it's possible to change the lcd with an oled screen.


THANK YOU     Paolo

Ron Mertens
yeah, it's possible


Yeah, it's possible, and even available on some products. For example, the Samsung K-5.




Ron Mertens
More info


Perhaps you should contact specific OLED makers or resellers (Like OSD, or Samsung or RiTDisplay) for information. Check out our Company listing.

A 10.4" OLED is not easy to make. You won't find anything even close to that size today (The largest screens are around 2"). AMOLED are not yet produced commercially (But Samsung SDI will begin to make them soon - but again, sizes will be around 2").




Ron Mertens
OLEDs can actually be used

OLEDs can actually be used as solar cells - at least there is some research in that area. You can search oled-info for 'solar' and get some more info.


Paul (not verified)
OLED Touch Screens

Hi Everyone,

I am currently a student working on a new design encorporating OLED touchscreens. I was wondering if anyone had any clues as to the total thickness of these screens and what they can be powered with. Basically I am designing a new ebook requiring these and am trying to decide upon end dimensions for the reader. I.e total thickness etc.

If anyone can help this will be much appreciated.


It can be no more thickness added

exactly, sumsung and RIT display has developed the TP/OLED without adding the thickness of the OLED. But the TP just have simple function, e.g. the button function.

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