UBI: Samsung Display to produce QD-OLED monitor panels at its upcoming 8.7-Gen A5 line, targeting Apple as its main customer

According to UBI Research, Samsung Display has decided to produce QD-OLED panels at its upcoming 8.7-Gen A5 production line. The company IT display strategy will be to produce QD-OLED panels for monitor application (27-inch displays, at first) and tandem RGB panels for smaller IT displays (tablets, laptops).

Alienware AW3423DW photo

A 34-inch QD-OLED monitor (Dell Alienware)

Samsung is looking for design wins with Apple for both its display architectures - the larger QD-OLED panels for Apple's monitors and the smaller sized panels for its tablets.



This is not confirmed yet, but this could be an interesting strategy for Samsung. QD-OLED panels are easier to produce (and thus more cost effective) at large sizes. We know that LG Display was asking itself a similar question, and have decided to adopt a WOLED architecture for monitor displays rather than an RGB architecture, although in LGD's case what contributed to the decision is the fear that its WOLED fabs will be underutilized as demand for TVs is on the decline.


Samsung Display 8-Gen IT OLED line slide (2022-08)

Samsung will adopt new deposition systems at its 8.7-Gen line, which means that production costs will be lower, and its not clear exactly why QD-OLED panels will be cheaper. Time will tell whether this UBI report is accurate.

Posted: Nov 10,2022 by Ron Mertens