LG Display to start producing mid-size WOLED panels as demand for TVs declines

According to reports, LG Display will start producing mid-sized W-OLED panels, as it is concerned that demand for TV panels is on the decline.

LG Dispaly 48-inch bendable gaming OLED monitor (CES-2021)

LGD will start producing 27-inch WOLED panels as early as by the end of October, targeting small TVs and gaming monitors. LGE will be LGD's first customer, and it plans to release its 27-inch OLED display in Q1 2023.


LGD also plans to introduce a larger 32" WOLED panel, which will enter production towards the end of 2022. In addition, LGD will increase production of its ~40-inch panels. LG's focus on smaller panels was already reported a few months ago. The company also demonstrated a 30-inch transparent OLED a few days ago.

LG Electronics is already selling 31.5" OLED monitors and also 27" OLED monitors, but these use JOLED's printed panels and not LG Display's WOLEDs, and they carry a very high price tag.

LG UltraFine OLED Pro photo

Posted: Oct 02,2022 by Ron Mertens


Is there any information regarding the resolution of the 27-inch and 32-inch panels respectively?

I'm afraid we don't have more information, but I'd assume as this will be high-end monitors, that they will support 4K resolution in both 27-inch and 32-inch

Are these going to be monitors or TV's ? The article didn't make that clear. Thanks.

Monitors or TVs - not much difference these days, but I guess they will target high-end monitors (gaming, etc.).

Stop this WOLED trash.

Move on to QD-OLED already like Sony and Samsung, you losers.

Why are the dumbest people the loudest?

OLED wouldn't exist in large size TVs if LG hadn't come out with W-OLED years ago.  Now that LG has paved the way and shown the world how superior OLED is LCD (and gimmics like QLED), the competition is finally catching up and trying to find a one-up.  I'm not going to give the fast copiers all the credit, but I'll give them small credit for attempting to progress the technology.

Why do they put like crazy everywhere 4K panels? It's not good for everything. Why do they really believe that everyone on the planet does nothing but plays games and renders films for yt?I know, average consumer understands "more is better" but have you guys tried to develop software on 27 inch 4K panel or do any other office work? It just makes no sense because everything is a way too small. I understand 4K for 32 inch panel but for 27? It looks impressive on the paper but in reality it a total nonsense. One more point - 27 panel is probably the biggest panel that may be used in daisy chain and some people use it and that means that 2K panel needs less graphics power what is an additional advantage for all that use not high-end laptops.I wish they make a smart decision and for 27 inch panel use 2k resolution and add daisy chain option and good glare handling. I don't care about Hz refresh rate. For me it may be 60 and it will be fine. As I wrote it I realize that stupid marketing is going to win one more time and there appears one more useless monitor on the market that is excellent on paper but is useless for work.

High end doesn’t necessarily mean 4K.

The Alienware 34” QD-OLED is high end but 1440P.

I hope they don’t ruin the 27” by making it 4K.4K on 27” is a waste of GPU grunt and completely pointless for gaming.

QD OLED is overrated.bought and returned Alienware QD OLED (for different reason) but having LG CX OLED TV,there was nothing special about QD OLED.

Also QD-OLED is made by Samsung only they developed the technolog.LG will never go to buy panels from rival Samsun.they invested in WOLED.

Sony and others buy QD OLED panels from Samsung ,WOLED panels from LG.

Actually LG didn’t come with WOLED,they bought the patent from Kodak and further developed it.

I agree,for PC gaming specially 27” 4K is pointless and only wastes GPU power even 3090 can’t handle 4K properly.1440p is the best And visibility indistinguishable at 27” in games.

It’s a different story for reading ,browsing ,photo editing and media consumption,etc tho, as 4K is visibly superior and sharper even on a 27” (even on 21.5” such as Apple iMacs from 7 years ago that have really a nice 4K screen extra sharpness is beneficial )

but I think they insist on 4K to satisfy console gamer market now days,because PS5 and Xbox Series X are supposedly 4K although they are fake 4K,and just have enough power to upscale 1080/1440 to 4K not natively (unless it’s a basic game) but all console peasants care about is the word 4K lol

I have IPS SONY 27 inch 4k. I used to use 32 inch 1440p, at some point my eyes not tired due to low pixel density! on 27 inch 4k, with 163 ppi, it's a night and day. I really want to buy 27 inch oled 4k 144hz, and I am ok to pay $2k. It's hard to explain, but 4k 27 inch everything is SO sharp, almost like apple retina 220 ppi. They only u need high gpu if you try to get 144hz 4k on ultra. for day to day use, you can have rtx 2060 for $100 for 4k office work, Even with integrated gpu shared memory I used 4k.