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Time tables for OLED widespread implementation

I've read all the OLED information I can on this emerging industry.  What I would like to hear opinions on from more informed people than me is what kind of timetable we can expect for the following:

1)  OLED white lighting sources on the same order of brightness and cost efficiency as flourescent lighting

2)  OLED medium sized displays on the order of 5 inches by 5 inches

3)  OLED large sized (24 inches and up) televisions with HD support

4)  OLED computer displays

5)  OLED integrated in clothing and wallpaper

6)  Pressure sensitive OLEDS for touch displays

 I know these kind of things are hard to predict since OLED technology is on the cutting edge right now and technology progress is increasing at an exponential pace which makes predictions hard to make.

Ron Mertens
I agree that this is really

I agree that this is really interesting. I've put up a poll that asks about OLED TV estimation. You can also read oled-info's past interviews with some key personnel in the industry, they have given their own estimates to OLED TVs.

About other things (wearable, HD, white light) I don't have an estimate myself. ;-)


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