Samsung shows how its LCD TVs compare to LG's OLED TVs in terms of image retention

Samsung has published a video showing how 12 hours of gaming effects different TV technologies. Samsung compare's it's own Q-LED (quantum-dots enhanced LED LCD TV) with LG's OLED TVs (the 2017 OLEDB7).

The video shows that following the extensive gaming run, Samsung's TV shows no image retention, while some problems are clearly visible on LG's TV.

This is of course not a professional or objective test. Image retention issues has been reported by many users on LG's OLED TVs, although there were also reports that the problem can be cleared by letting the TV show some different content for a few hours.

On a personal note, my own OLED TV (LG's OLEDB6), used for almost a year now, has no visible image retention or burn-in issues.

Posted: Oct 16,2017 by Ron Mertens


I have been using my LG 970W for gaming (among other things) in the last 3 years. Plenty of PS4 titles and a few Zelda Games, with no visible changes, nor any burn-in of any kind.

I would advise against using OLED panels for old 2D games that is mostly static, or with a static image for long periods of time.

But don't worry too much about burn in, and should you see the same issue as in the Samsung video, it might be enough that you turn off your OLED TV and wait a few minuttes without unplugging it. It will then correct itself and the picture will return to normal.

The test is dumb. vivid and dynamic as the pre-sets? not only would this make the problem worse, it would look bad. You can tell the backlight is jacked up too as when the OLED is black is should give off no light (which the one in the test does)

Hey sometimes their is some light IR when there is something static on the screen.. 12 hours would do it :) but it isn't "burn in" - it quickly goes away. (also one would also only notice it with a full black background too while it was there.. and less than in the video. As no one would jack up the TV to be so bright on black. :P

Burn in or retention... there is an issue(s) here.....a $3-4K television should not have these issues.... at all!.  I'll spend $400 on a 50" 4k LED until this is Issue is fixed or MicroLED comes out with a better all around display.  

OLED is not for static image. it is obvious.

Most people will use LG oled tv as tv not for computer monitor or long time static image such as 2d game.

QLED is just a type of LCD which has poor image quality.

If you compare the image quality side by side, OLED always win over QLED. Go to bestbuy or costco and see them.