LG's OLED B6 is a LG's entry-level 2016 4K OLED. The B6 is a series of flat-panel 4K smart OLED TVs that feature LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR. The TV does not support 3D. The B6 series will include 55" and 65" panels.

LG OLED65B6P photo

The 55" OLEDB6 costs $1,997 while the 65" model costs $2,997.

OLED type: 

55"/65" flat 4K AMOLED



If the $$$$$ are reasonable,

If the $$$$$ are reasonable, I guess I'll give up my 3 plasmas & begin anew!!!!

UK interest

I agree if the price is right it is time to switch from my 8 year old Pioneer K plasma which is still better than any LCD TV on the market to the OLED65B6P. This seems almost perfect for me as I am not interested in 3D but want 4k and the latest technology in a flat screen. With OLED why would anyone want a curved screen beats me.

So LG please do not forget the UK market for this range of OLED TVs which I hope will be close behind the US launch.

LG OLED nr Two on the way

I own a 55" OLED since october last year. Curved and with 3D. I just love it. Only drawback is that it dies not support 4k. So I am updating to a B6 65" 4K now. Get it on thursday or so. :) 2 Days from now. I can tell you who are thinking of OLED in comparison to other technoligies. Juist go for it! The viewable angles are immensly better than any backlit Tech. The contrast is unbeatable. The reactin time of each pixel is so much faster than the Eyes so no sluggish TFT of 2ms or more. It is just awesome. I Watch my whole bluray Collection, 800+ titles mind yhou, all over again. Just test one if doubtful. I did and I will never return to whatever is out there now. Future might beat it but it will take some time. :)

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