List of OLED TVs

In recent years OLED technology has emerged as the leading TV display technology, with the world's top TV makers adopting OLED panels in premium TVs.

Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV photo

In 2019, LG Display expects to produce 4 million OLED TV panels. LGD is quickly increasing its production volume as demand for OLED TV panels is soaring. TV makers including LG Electronics, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and HiSense already adopted OLEDs in their premium TVs, and as production costs decrease and production volume increases OLED TVs will penetrate other segments of the TV market. Click here for more information on the OLED TV market and our OLED TV news coverage.



Following is a comprehensive list of OLED TVs:

Sharp OLED Roku TV

Sharp's Roku-OS powered OLED TV offers a 55/65" 4K 120Hz VRR ALLM WOLED panel, support for HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, and HDMI 2.1.

Sharp's Roku OLED TVs are now shipping in the US, starting at $1,500 forr the 55-inch model. 

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Haier C11

Haier's C11 is an OLED TV range, that offers 55-inch and 65-inch 4K 120Hz WOLED panels, Google's TV platform, built-in Harman Kardon sound system and HDR-10 support.

The C11 OLED TV is now shipping in China and India.

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Sharp AQUOS FS1 / FQ1

Sharp's 2023 flagship TV ranges, the FS1 and FQ1, both offer OLED panels, in 55-inch and 65-inch. The FS1 is based on Samsung's QD-OLED panels, while the FQ1 uses LGD's WOLED panels.

The FS1 uses Sharp's Medalist S4X AI image processing engine, 11 speakers 85W sound system (ARSS+), Dolby Atmos and Google TV platform. The FQ1 offers similar specification but is based on the Medalist S4 AI image processor.

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Samsung 83S90C OLED TV

Samsung's 83S90C is the company's first TV to use LG's WOLED panels. It uses a 4K 120Hz 83" OLED display, and is powered by Samsung's AI-powered Neural Quantum Processor. The 83S90C offers AI-driven Quantum HDR OLED processing, Samsung's TV Plus platform and Gaming Hub and Dolby Atmos sound with Object Tracking Sound Lite. 

The S83S90C started shipping in July 2023, with a suggested price of $5,400 - but with an actual price of less than $4000.

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Panasonic MZ800 / MZ980 / MZ1500

Panasonic's MZ1500 is a high-end 4K 120 Hz OLED TV (55-, 65-, 77-inch) that offers LG's EX panels, Panasonic's My home Screen 8.0 OS, adaptive FilmMaker mode, HXC Pro AI processor and Panasonic's new True Game Mode.

The MZ980 is Panasonic's entry-level TV for 2023, with 4K 120Hz panels (non EX WOLED) and available in 42-, 48-, 55- and 65-inch sizes. The MZ800 is similar, but based on Google's TV platform. Panasonic also offers its flagship MZ2000 OLED TV in 2023.

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Acer O Series OLED TV

Acer's O-Series, developed in collaboration with IndKal Technologies, is a 4K OLED TV, available in 55" and 65" sizes. The TVs offer Google TV OS, 60-watt speakers.

The O-Series are now shipping in India, with a price tag of $1,000 for the 55-inch model.

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Hisense A85K

The Hisense A85K series of 4K OLED TVs comes in either 55" or 65" and offers HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, HDMI 2.1, VRR, and six speakers.

The A85K will ship later in 2023.

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Sony's A80L is the company's 2023 WOLED TV series, based on 55", 65", 77" and 83" 120Hz 4K panels. The TV also offers a Sony XR processor, Acoustic Surface Audio+ and Google TV platform.

Sony's A80L OLED TVs are now shipping globally.

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Philips OLED708 / OLED808 / OLED908

Philips' 2023 OLED TV range include the OLED708, OLED808 and the flagship OLED908. The OLED908 offers LG's latest OLED.EX META MLA (2100 nits) 4K panels, ranging from 55" to 77". The TV also features Philips' next-gen 3-sided Ambilight, an upgraded MediaTek Pentronic 1000 chipset, an upgraded video chipset (7th-Gen P5 AI) and Google TV OS.

The OLED808 offers 4K WOLED panels ranging from 42-inch to 77". with OLED EX (non META) in 55" and up. The OLED708, Philip's basic 2023 OLED TV, offers 4K WOLED panels ranging from 48-inch to 65".

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