Samsung released a short video that may help you find burn-in marks in your OLED TV. The video should be run on your OLED TV, and it shows a red image that will (according to Samsung) show visible marks if there are any issues in your TV.

If you did find such marks - Samsung suggested to contact a service center - or switch to one of its QLED LCDs... I wonder if this is a mart marketing move as Samsung itself is now committed to OLED TV technology and will start producing QD-OLEDs in 2021. Samsung is probably hoping that no one will remember this video by then...

But this could also backfire right now - in the video comments you can see that many people run the video on their AMOLED phone. Samsung is the world's leader in mobile OLED production and adoption - for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices!

Burn-in has been an issue with LG's OLED TVs since 2013 when it first launched these products. In 2018 LG had to replace some OLED TVs in Korea's Incheon airport with LCDs after the OLEDs developed serious burn-in issues, and later in 2018 performed some tests that showed serious burn-in in LG's OLED TVs after only 4,000 hours of use. Last month LG was ordered to compensate two Australian consumers due to OLED TV burn-in.

I personally ran the video my 2016 LG OLEDB6 - and did not see any burn-in at all. UK-based HDTVTest recently performed a 3,700 hour test that shows that burn-in can be avoided if you vary the content displayed in the TV, which makes sense. Click here for an in-depth explanation on OLED burn-in.

Samsung this is OLED burn-in image




My Samsung HD LED from 2013 has a serious burn-in that is apparent with certain backgrounds. Samsung sure has chutzpah to market their 4k QLEDs based on competitors’ burn-in issues. I will patiently wait until the issue gets resolved. Plus my TV is 3D which nobody makes anymore.

They really did this...

Samsung is already in the works of producing their own OLED TVs and yet they're still over there "Burn-In" shaming what they will ultimately be trying to sell in the future? I have no words to describe how I feel other than utterly confused.

Burn in on 18 month old OLED

My OLED has severe burn in after 14 months and it’s getting worse. Samsung don’t care. Before long the $2700 TV will be unwatchable and its not even two years old.

NEVER EVER but a Samsung product

A ripoff and deceptive marketing.

Mark, Samsung is not selling

Mark, Samsung is not selling any OLED TVs, seems to be a mistake there?

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