LG replaces the OLED TV at Incheon airport to an LCD due to burn-in issues

Only four months after LG installed 69 OLED TVs at Seoul's Incheon Airport it was reported that the TVs suffer serious permanent image-retention, or burn-in. ZDNet now reports that LG replaced the problematic OLED TVs at the airport's Korean Air Miler Club Lounge with LCDs.

LG OLED TV at Incheon airport - burn-in photo

The report suggests that LG was not sure it could solve the burn-in issues with this particular display, and so opted for an LCD. LG denies that burn-in is a serious issues and says the TVs's lifetime are over 30,000 hours.

I can personally say that I have a 55" LG OLEDB6 TV - which I bought in November 2016 (over a year and half ago) and it works great without any burn-in issues. It may be that the display at the airport was shown the same graphics all the time which is not a normal use case for TVs at home...

Posted: May 31,2018 by Ron Mertens