Samsung and LG to introduce 55" OLED TVs at CES 2012, products shipping in July 2012

According to reports both Samsung and LG Display plan to introduce 55" OLED TVs at CES 2012 (January 10). This is not surprising as this was announced before. According to the new reports, both companies want to introduce the products before the 2012 Olympics (which is a big event towards which many consumers buy a new TV) - which means we can expect those OLED TVs shipping at around July 2012.

LG OLED TV prototypeLG OLED TV prototype

The same reports re-iterates the old rumors regarding an Apple OLED TV. I'm still skeptical on this because in 2012 OLED TV capacity will be low (LG for example says it will be able to produce around 30,000 panels per month) - not enough for Apple. Samsung will also be producing their large panels in a pilot line and will not be able to mass produce these panels.

LG Display is adopting a white-OLED with color filter design, which is less efficient than Samsung's true RGB OLED panel, but according to LG this will be easier to produce and ultimately cheaper for the consumer. Hopefully within a few months we'll know more about those TVs - including pricing details.

Posted: Nov 21,2011 by Ron Mertens


  With only 1080p the standard for picture qaulity would oled be counter productive.


typo, I think it should read July of 2012...

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