Samsung and LG produced prototype 55" OLED panels

There's an interesting report that both Samsung and LG have recently produced prototype 55" OLED TV panels. These panels will be unveiled in the FPD International 2011 exhibition in Japan next month.

According to the report, Samsung has produced the 55" panel in their 5.5-Gen line using Small Mask Scanning technology (SMS, which replaces Fine Metal Mask, or FMM). As was previously reported, LG is using white OLED with color filters to produce their large panels. Both companies are satisfied with the panels' quality, power consumption and lifetime.

The report also re-iterates the Apple OLED TV rumor - saying that Apple are interested in OLED technology and are waiting for a breakthrough before they commit to an Apple OLED TV.

Posted: Sep 19,2011 by Ron Mertens